BROQ Technology

BROQ Technology


When you choose BROQ SAFETY, you are choosing products developed to perform and protect no matter how challenging the environment. This is the guiding principle for both our product design and our technology.

Below you will learn a little more about the technology behind our products – proving BROQ SAFETY products are built right to do the job.

Insect Armour

Insect Armour is a proven insect repellent & anti-bacterial technology which is applied to BROQ SAFETY Insect Armour garments and available in a handy textile treatment.

All products with the Insect Armour logo are designed to offer the ultimate protection against disease carrying mosquitoes with added benefit of anti-bacterial.

The mosquito protection is provided by a non-harmful synthetic pyrethroid. The anti-bacterial protection inhibits the growth and proliferation of harmful virus, moulds, spores, bacteria & fungi.

Our Insect Armour philosophy ‘if it doesn’t land, it can’t bite’ is fully backed by our independent testing results

Insect Armour is human and environment safe. The treatment is manufactured to ISO 9001 & 9002 standards and is Oeko Tex Registered.

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When you see the DryTech icon you can be guaranteed that your garment will boost airflow for ultimate comfort. Utilising breathable mesh ventilation in key perspiration areas of the garments, DryTech is combined with a lightweight fabric to keep you cool at work.


BROQ Tape 

50mm reflective tape is used across 99% of the BROQ Safety range because we know the importance of being seen. BROQ Tape has been developed using the latest retroreflective technology and is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 standard. It is suitable for up to 40o washes and lasts the life of the garment.


High Visibility Material

BROQ SAFETY high visibility garments are designed for workers in high risk environment who need to be protected from work place hazards by being seen. Garments with this icon are tested and comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 which outlines the requirements for fluorescent capabilities and the chromaticity reading to ensure that bright colours are within the required colour range.


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