Insect Range

Insect Range

BROQ SAFETY Insect Armour™ combines anti-bacterial and mosquito repellent. This good quality hi-vis workwear range delivers the ultimate protection against disease carrying mosquitoes.

 The best way to prevent mosquito-borne diseases is to take steps to prevent mosquito bites in the first place - this is where Insect Armour can help.

 The Insect Armour range includes a treatment that employs a unique technology, which has been validated via various Australian and international studies. It has been proven to reduce landings and feeding by up to 92%; in many cases even 100%. And because mosquitoes cannot spread disease if they cannot land, this is the ideal protection for employees working in high risk regions.

 The treatment also reduces the number of colony forming units of bacteria, spores, virus and fungi, This delivers the additional benefit of making the range ‘allergy-friendly’. Find out more about the technology used here

 All BROQ SAFETY clothing is compliant with industry standards, including the 50mm reflective tape and high visibility material.

 Do you have special requirements for your workforce?

 We can work with your procurement team to source and supply special clothing orders to suit your unique requirements. We take care of all the hassle, from material specification, to branding, to delivery to site - contact us to discuss

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